Our Cambridge English Test / Certification at Colegio GAE

Junio 03, 2020

Cambridge English Test/ Certification at Colegio GAE is what makes our English Department one of the strongest around our city.
Our Cambridge English Test / Certification at Colegio GAE

Here are 6 points on why it’s important to take an English Certification with The University of Cambridge.

Internationally Recognized

Cambridge Exams are established and prestigious exams certified by University of Cambridge and recognized all around the world.

Cambridge Exams can be taken at 2,800 authorized exam centers worldwide in 130 countries and there are more than 52,000 registered preparation centers.

Improve your real-life English skills

By preparing for a Cambridge Exam, you will develop communication skills which you can use for everyday life, work and study.

Cambridge Exams FCE( Our Middle School Exam Goal), CAE & CPE focus on general English and are fun to prepare for. Unlike IELTS, the exams do not just cover academic English but are designed to test the English you will read, write, hear and speak in real life situations.

Set goals and increase your motivation

When you get to a higher level of English – at least good Upper Intermediate (B2) – you have the English skills to communicate with most people, deal with most situations and do most things you need to do on a daily basis. The challenge you have is to push yourself further.

Preparing for Cambridge FCE, CAE or CPE will help you set goals and give you the motivation you need to take your English to the next level!

Stand out from the crowd

Today’s job market is very international but it’s also very competitive. Many other international candidates have great English… but how many can prove it? A Cambridge exam allows you to get that advantage.

A Cambridge qualification on your CV not only shows that you have that level on English officially – it also shows an employer that you are willing to dedicate time to improving your English and your professional skills.

Cambridge exams are recognized by universities

IELTS is by the most popular exam for students who want to enter university. But did you know the Cambridge CAE and CPE are recognised by universities too?

In fact, 99% of the world’s top 100 universities recognize the Cambridge CAE and CPE for university study.

Valid forever

Unlike other exam, such as IELTS, the Cambridge Exams have no expiry date. So when you take a Cambridge exam, the result is valid forever. Please note that if you are taking the Cambridge Exam for university entry, some institutions may only accept a result up to 2 or 3 years after the exam was taken. Please check with the institution to which you are applying.

Importancia de las rutinas y los hábitos

Desde un punto de vista genérico, entendemos por rutinas aquellas actividades que realizamos diariamente de forma regular, periódica y sistémica con un carácter ineludible.

Abril 04, 2020

Towards a hybrid education in the face of the new normal.

There is still no certainty about when and what conditions the next school year will be returned in Mexico’s, however schools are already begun strategies to provide continuity and avoid interrupting the learning process.

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